Envoyo is a platform shaped according to your needs, where you can access and manage all the services required for e-export.


Onicorn, one of the youngest and most equipped technology companies in Turkey, is committed to growth with the goal and motivation of being one of the technology stars of the future.

Magna Smart Business

In the rapidly changing dynamics of the life and business world, it meets the change, transformation, outsourcing needs of companies in order to survive and grow.


PODA is a UV-sterilized platform that supports you to work in a private area with fast internet access.


magIK is a cost-saving, user-friendly online interview platform that brings recruitment processes to a digital platform.

VOYS.ME is a "Voice, Dialogue and Text Analysis" platform, which provides simultaneous emotional and statistical evaluation and offers end-to-end analysis.


Glocalzone is a platform that brings together those who want to buy products from abroad and those who want to turn their travel into income.


Kronnika is an RPA platform and solution that performs repetitive and time-consuming tasks 24/7, quickly and without errors, at a low cost.

We add value to startup ecosystems.

We undertake higher value-added works with our business partners such as HIVC and Angel Effect.

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